Aziz Al Mahmood

Aziz Al Mahmood

Aziz Al Mahmood completed his graduation from the US International University, based in London. Mr. Mahmood joined Danish Group at an early age.
With his inherent quality of leadership and pragmatic outlook, he became managing director of a group within a very short time. He played a vital role in incorporating the information technology that made the group’s activities prompt and easier. It entirely changed the traditional mode of production, trading, export and internal communication system.
He also involved himself in the Group’s functional, productive and financial streams. 
His diverse leadership qualities have made all the limited companies profitable. The concerns include

§  Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Limited. 

§  Danish Milk (BD) Limited. 

§  Danish Foods Limited.

§  Danish Distribution Network Limited. 

§  Rubel Steel Mills Limited. 

§  Danish Dairy Firm Limited. 

§  Danish Multi purpose Farm Limited. 

§  Partex Tissue Limited.

§  Ferrotechnic Limited. 

§  Geometric Business Development Limited

Aziz Al Mahmood is the Chairman of the IDLC Finance Limited, Director of the City Bank Limited and Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. He is also actively engaged with a number, social, philanthropic and charitable institutions.